Monday, October 26, 2009

Flip into Fall Festival

I just wanted to let everyone know about Gymfinity's fall festival and
carnival. It will be held this Saturday from 12:00- 2:00pm and will a
totally free event to enter. We'll have games and activities for
everyone so bring your friends and family out to see the gym and have
a good time. There will be flyers availabe at the front desk so if
you'd like you can take as many as you want to pass out and help us
make this a great event.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh, and one more thing

Just wanted to post a link to Gymfinity's new squidoo page. It's sort of a cool one page website for the gym thats great for someone to get a quick look at what the gym is all about and get the latest news on Gymfinity livermore. GYMFINITY SQUIDOO PAGE

Squidoo is a fun tool for someone who wants to build a quick informative site on anything, I personally have done some on several topics and recommend it for anyone looking to create a little exposure for something.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few Gymfinity Updates

Fall is here and we have a couple things I wanted to make sure I got on the blog tonight so here we go. First off a huge congrats to Kelly Hebert for qualifying for the National Tops Team. This is a huge accomplishment and I know we're all very proud of her and that Livermore and the whole TriValley will be watching how her gymnastics career progresses over these next few years. Also a big congratulations to the Gymfinity coaches who helped all the girls who participated in this years TOPs program, a lot of hard work goes into it, well done!

TOPS Team List Here

Another update is for the upcoming kids night out on Oct. 24th from 7pm-11pm , that's right we've added an extra hour of fun time to give the grown ups a little more time to do their own pre-Halloween fun stuff. These are always great fun for the kids, and we provide all the food snacks and drinks for them. Just drop them off and go have some fun. This time we'll be showing kid friendly halloween movies, have a Gymfinity Haunted House, and do lots of fun fall themed games. Sign up at the front desk to reserve your child's spot.

You should check the Gymfinity calendar for dates and times of upcoming events.

A cool new addition to the list of cool stuff we do at Gymfinity, is the Gymfinity Zazzle Store. Zazzle is an online clothing design and marketplace where you can design your own products and then display them in your own "store", well we've added several products to it and your welcome to order any time. Many of the products you see can be customized by you, in size, style, or color. So check it out and if you have any suggestions or requests let me know and I can probably put it together for you. P.S. Coach Jessica, and Gymfinity Alumni Alexa Leporati are helping put together many of the designs.