Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trick or Treat

We got a booth at this years trick or treat walk on oct. 29th from 4pm-8pm in downtown Livermore. First street is taken over by thousands of gouls ghosts, and the occasional 20 year old in a darth vader outfit. Free candy for all the kids and lots of games and cool booths. We hope to see everyone there.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good job booster club

Everyone had a busy couple of days at the gym but it all payed off, and the meet went awesome. It is nice as an owner to not have to run around worrying that things are not being taken care of. Me and Juli are thankful that we have a booster club that is active and truly cares about putting on quality events. A lot more goes into a meet then just a couple days of moving mats and vacuuming floors, months of planning and organizing are put in that no one sees. As we all know the girls of the team don't understand or really appreciate it, but we don't do this for apprectation, we do it to give these girls the opportunity to participate in a sport that is, frankly, very expensive. Thanks again to all who helped.
Also if you saw the girl in the yellow shirt today passing out fliers, that was Anne Philips from , she came to cover our meet and possibly do a write up about it. I would recommend checking out the site.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clocking out.

I just took some pics of what will be the large dance floor. Currently it sits in the form of 35 rather expensive pieces if plywood, and a couple hundred freshly cut strips if high density foam. Hopefully tommorow afternoon I can post the before and after pics for everyone to see.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Early bird gets the discount

Take a seat people, the man who runs the nicest looking gymnastics and dance facility in livermore and the tri-valley has got somthing to say.
I'm not a huge fan of motivation. That is to say that I don't like the idea of people finding their drive to do things from outside pressures i.e. the horse that either chases the carrot or runs from the whip. I hold to the belief that peoples drive should come from within themselves, not be a reaction to others.
In any case I have been trying to "encourage" people to pay their tuition on time by threatening to charge a $50 late fee to anyone who pays after the fifth. I am officially tossing out that policy. I don't like the idea of trying to scare you into fullfilling your obligation to pay on time.
Instead we are instituting an early bird discount. If you pay your tuition sometime during the two weeks prior to its due date you may take ten dollars off your tuition amount. If you haven't paid by your due date then your child isnt officially enrolled in a class and it will need to be resolved.
Now I know that trading a fee for a discount seems like trading a whip for a carrot. What I'm really doing though is simply saying thanks to those who have been responsible. I'm not trying to trick people into paying on time, just giving a pat on the back to those who do.
This will be effective for the oct. tuition so if there are any questions feel free to email me, or call.


P.s. If you want to email me insert my address into a new message, if you simply reply, I believe everyone will recieve it.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

So we thought we could

Livermore, CA now has a new spot for it's residents to dance the afternoon away. With one floor nearly done and the second to be started this week, our gymnasts can work on their ballet skills, and the dancers can work on, well, whatever. Welcome aboard everyone who's coming along for the ride. Congrats to my instructors for surviving the summer.

Lots happened.......out of breath........almost there....

Floor pit filled....cement covered..he...hah....scrap wood loaded......took pics...load them soon....bye

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yeah thats how it felt much of the day for me. And you know I'm not exatly sure where the day actually began for me. You see I was there all day yesterday, came home, ate, showered, came back to the gym to finish my work and then slept in the nook in my office. Which you would think would be really uncomfortable except that I slept like a rock, until the alarm went off at 5:30. The first ahhhh! After that I ran around all morning trying to get the place presentable for the inspectors, all the while knowing that I needed to be getting the dance floors finished, a slow agh builds. By the time lunch rolls round, I'm short on supplies, short on energy, and short on time. Ahh!
I get back to the gym classes ate ready to start for gym, and then the dancers show. Ahhh!
No one knows where they're working out, I don't know who's who, who's paid, who's signed waivers, who's supposed to be there, who's coaching. Ahhhhhhh!
Then everything mellows a little and things kind of work themselves out. I meet a lot of nice kids and parents, answer lots of questions, and everyone is totally excited about the new place, even though its not finished yet.
So I wrap things up after practice say goodnight only to realize I still need to go get my flooring from the acro gym. Ahhhh!
Oh well, my brother came to my rescue again and helped me grab the flooring and I don't even have to sleep on the floor tonight. Now if can just get this kink out of my back, owww!

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Monday, September 1, 2008

Good night, err... morning

Just to add drama to an otherwise tame blog I wanted check in and report locking up at 2am. Moved a lot of ....... stuff.
Also did battle with something thats been living in the freezer for the last three months. It was a new species I believe, it looked like a ferret and some seaweed had a baby. Its natural defense mechanism was an intense odor that resembled ammonia mixed with skunk purée.
I don't see why everyone doesn't own a gym. ; )

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"