Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Polar Express has departed

Thanks to all who helped last night to make another successful Holiday Show happen without a hitch. We love seeing the kids do what they love, in a relaxed fun enviornment. No competition, no stress, just showing off their skills for family and friends.

Also we updated our info on ; . Feel free to rate and review us.

Recreational classes begin again January 5th, and we will have some big new things coming your way for our rec programs. Also if you see one of ad's that we'll be running over the next few months, let us know and tell us what you think.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello Livermore, East Bay, World! We're Gymfinity

It's been a while so I'll try to update everyone on what's happening in a few posts, thanks to everyone who still checks in.

We have started some awsome new programs here so's here a quick breakdown of what we've got going right now.

Gymnastics: We've got a gorgeous gym set up and we're offering classes 6 days a week for boys and girls, for kids who just learned to walk, all the way up to girls who want to qualify for the London Olympics.

Dance: The studios are nearly finished up and we're now offering a full schedule of dance on what we have heard is one of the nicest dance floors ever constructed. Once again we offer classes to students as long as they're old enough to walk.

Tumbling: Getting ready for the cheer team, wanna hone your tumbling skills, just want to learn how to flip, all are great reasons to sign up for our tumbling classes.

Cheer: This is a fantastic new program that fills a great niche for kids in the east bay. A student who joins a Gymfinity Cheer class will recieve an hour of cheer technique instruction, and an hour of tumbling instruction. This gives them a great base to build off of, whether they want to be on a competitive team or just want a more relaxed cheer experience.

Athletic Training: This is a cool one, if you're looking to get into serious shape this is for you. This class utilizes our amazing facility to take your conditioning to the next level. Two hours a week and you'll be amazed at the results.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hey, who would like to pay zero tuition at Gymfinity?

You heard me, I said who wants to pay zero tuition at Livermore's premier gymnastics, dance, cheer and tumbling facility? Well here's what you do:

Step 1:Find your total monthly tuition

Step 2:Take your monthly tuition and divide it by 25

Step 3:Take the number you calculated and refer that number of children to Gymfinity for any of our programs.

Step 4: Repeat the process next month.

What this is, is the revival of our referral rewards program. For every student that you refer to us, WHO SIGNS UP, you will receive a $25 credit towards tuition and they will receive a $25 discount on registration. A win, win, win situation. You get gym credit, they save money, we get a new student to join our Gymfinity family.

Let's all work together to get the gym full of new happy faces, and save a little green while we're at it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gymfinity, where the possibilities are infinite!

Gymfinity has opened. Some thought it would never happen, others tried to make it not happen, but despite all that has happened, it did happen. Only now does the slogan that everyone voted on, "where the possibilities are infinite!" really mean something. I think that only in business where the possibilities are infinite, could such an amazing thing happen in just 6 months time.
So many people came together to make this a reality, and everyone was crucial. I shudder to think how many times a job had to get done, and I put the call out for help and got it. And I'm not just referring to parents, there were so many people that aren't even connected the gym but helped immensely. My brother Joey; Katy's husband and brother in law; friends of my father who donated trailers; all the contractors who came in on their lunches; and plenty more.
We had a landlord who was willing to work with us when no one else would, and Brett Holden, my realtor who has pulled off the impossible, twice, in finding us a facility and is one of the individuals who is most responsible for Gymfinity remaining open today.
This time around Juli and I had the pleasure of having Glenn Biggs and Rick Galviano leading the charge and helping us to bust through, or at least side step, the obstacles that arose. We are indebted to these men forever, because they are the ones who took this project from a stand still to light speed, and stuck with it to completion.
There were several members of the City Of Livermore staff that were amazing to us. Government employment is usually a field where it seems that doing anything but nothing is radical, and the folks that helped us were radicals indeed.
I know I've missed dozens of people and groups but just know that we are grateful to all who helped and we love you.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trick or Treat

We got a booth at this years trick or treat walk on oct. 29th from 4pm-8pm in downtown Livermore. First street is taken over by thousands of gouls ghosts, and the occasional 20 year old in a darth vader outfit. Free candy for all the kids and lots of games and cool booths. We hope to see everyone there.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good job booster club

Everyone had a busy couple of days at the gym but it all payed off, and the meet went awesome. It is nice as an owner to not have to run around worrying that things are not being taken care of. Me and Juli are thankful that we have a booster club that is active and truly cares about putting on quality events. A lot more goes into a meet then just a couple days of moving mats and vacuuming floors, months of planning and organizing are put in that no one sees. As we all know the girls of the team don't understand or really appreciate it, but we don't do this for apprectation, we do it to give these girls the opportunity to participate in a sport that is, frankly, very expensive. Thanks again to all who helped.
Also if you saw the girl in the yellow shirt today passing out fliers, that was Anne Philips from , she came to cover our meet and possibly do a write up about it. I would recommend checking out the site.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clocking out.

I just took some pics of what will be the large dance floor. Currently it sits in the form of 35 rather expensive pieces if plywood, and a couple hundred freshly cut strips if high density foam. Hopefully tommorow afternoon I can post the before and after pics for everyone to see.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Early bird gets the discount

Take a seat people, the man who runs the nicest looking gymnastics and dance facility in livermore and the tri-valley has got somthing to say.
I'm not a huge fan of motivation. That is to say that I don't like the idea of people finding their drive to do things from outside pressures i.e. the horse that either chases the carrot or runs from the whip. I hold to the belief that peoples drive should come from within themselves, not be a reaction to others.
In any case I have been trying to "encourage" people to pay their tuition on time by threatening to charge a $50 late fee to anyone who pays after the fifth. I am officially tossing out that policy. I don't like the idea of trying to scare you into fullfilling your obligation to pay on time.
Instead we are instituting an early bird discount. If you pay your tuition sometime during the two weeks prior to its due date you may take ten dollars off your tuition amount. If you haven't paid by your due date then your child isnt officially enrolled in a class and it will need to be resolved.
Now I know that trading a fee for a discount seems like trading a whip for a carrot. What I'm really doing though is simply saying thanks to those who have been responsible. I'm not trying to trick people into paying on time, just giving a pat on the back to those who do.
This will be effective for the oct. tuition so if there are any questions feel free to email me, or call.


P.s. If you want to email me insert my address into a new message, if you simply reply, I believe everyone will recieve it.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

So we thought we could

Livermore, CA now has a new spot for it's residents to dance the afternoon away. With one floor nearly done and the second to be started this week, our gymnasts can work on their ballet skills, and the dancers can work on, well, whatever. Welcome aboard everyone who's coming along for the ride. Congrats to my instructors for surviving the summer.

Lots happened.......out of breath........almost there....

Floor pit filled....cement covered..he...hah....scrap wood loaded......took pics...load them soon....bye

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yeah thats how it felt much of the day for me. And you know I'm not exatly sure where the day actually began for me. You see I was there all day yesterday, came home, ate, showered, came back to the gym to finish my work and then slept in the nook in my office. Which you would think would be really uncomfortable except that I slept like a rock, until the alarm went off at 5:30. The first ahhhh! After that I ran around all morning trying to get the place presentable for the inspectors, all the while knowing that I needed to be getting the dance floors finished, a slow agh builds. By the time lunch rolls round, I'm short on supplies, short on energy, and short on time. Ahh!
I get back to the gym classes ate ready to start for gym, and then the dancers show. Ahhh!
No one knows where they're working out, I don't know who's who, who's paid, who's signed waivers, who's supposed to be there, who's coaching. Ahhhhhhh!
Then everything mellows a little and things kind of work themselves out. I meet a lot of nice kids and parents, answer lots of questions, and everyone is totally excited about the new place, even though its not finished yet.
So I wrap things up after practice say goodnight only to realize I still need to go get my flooring from the acro gym. Ahhhh!
Oh well, my brother came to my rescue again and helped me grab the flooring and I don't even have to sleep on the floor tonight. Now if can just get this kink out of my back, owww!

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Monday, September 1, 2008

Good night, err... morning

Just to add drama to an otherwise tame blog I wanted check in and report locking up at 2am. Moved a lot of ....... stuff.
Also did battle with something thats been living in the freezer for the last three months. It was a new species I believe, it looked like a ferret and some seaweed had a baby. Its natural defense mechanism was an intense odor that resembled ammonia mixed with skunk purée.
I don't see why everyone doesn't own a gym. ; )

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurry up and catch up!

A wise man once told me, "you can't play catch up on the back end." Only now, as I sit upon the new stairs of Gymfinity overlooking the huge task before me, do I fully understand what he meant. Trying to build a dance studio, while simultaneously setting up a gymnastics facility has proven to be a daunting task. I still feel up for the challenge but I am certain I have set things up to be tough.
As I look out at our large dance floor area I can see piles of gym equipment, office supplies, and garbage that I wish I had taken the initiative to move out weeks ago.
Don't get me wrong, I've been working hard, and accomplished quite a bit during the last few weeks. Yet I can see in my minds eye where I fell into the trap of stopping short, cutting corners, or at the least not thinking ahead.
Stephen Covey says, "begin with the end in mind", I hope everyone keeps this in mind when undergoing projects of their own. I also hope everyone remembers that if you don't feel like doing as Mr. Covey says, remember what Mr. Biggs says, "you can't catch up on the back end."

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

getting close....

Thanks to everyone who has helped Gymfinity Gymnastics get this far. The gym portion is in the homestretch and I'll be working on the dance studios this weekend, pics to follow!

bar pit continued....

Assemble inner walls

Joist and brace

Hey lets build a bar pit

Above ground bar pit assembly.
1. get a big pile of wood, (make sure the guy who delivers it drops it in the right place, or you'll have to move every stick of it).

2. L
ayout the wood in the desired shape.
4. Assemble walls

Monday, August 25, 2008

Let there be light

A lot of work got done today and things seem to be really coming together. Check out these pics:Gymfinity Gymnastics, livermore's shining light in the world of youth sports

Or at least a shining light in the bathroom and hallway of a building in south vasco. : )
Seriously though a lot got done today that I didn't get pics of. The handrails on the stairs were installed; all the lights and outlets; partitions in the bathrooms; doors were cased. Plumbers weren't there so no toilets yet but they said they would get them in tomorrow.

Work for tommorrow for any volunteers, we will be setting up some more equipment and moving a lot of stuff around tommorrow so anyone interested can come by between 4 and 7pm to lend a hand. NO CHILDREN NO CHILDREN NO CHILDREN........ it is still a construction site so appropriate footwear and mindset is a prerequisite.

Dude, that's heavy

If you can't read it is says 2.5 tons. That's 5000lbs. That is the weight of all the garbage, scrap metal, lumber, and busted concrete I loaded into a trailer and hauled to the dump, and let me tell you it was heavy. It took all day to load but if it isn't done we don't get a bar pit so that's how its gotta be.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Practice updates for girls and gym set up

OK first off lets get up to speed on practice for next week so that everyone is clear on the situation. The situation is that the city has come to our aide again and is going to send out the building inspector just as soon as the plumbing and electrical is in place to give us our final inspection. The problem is that the plumbers that were scheduled to start on Friday could not come out because the bathroom flooring wouldn't have been dry enough yet. So this has bumped back every other contractors schedule in turn, and thus bumped our final inspection to Wednesday. So now we are going to have to cancel practice until the inspectors come. On top of that we cannot work out at CGA or Marie's gym because of the switch to afternoon schedule. So the schedule for the rest of the week is as follows:

Mon. Tues. Wed.: cancelled
Thurs. Fri.: Lvl 4: 4=7pm
Lvl 5: 4-7:30pm
Lvl 6 and above: 4-8pm

Sat.: Lvl 4: 9-12pm
Lvl 5 and above: 9-1pm
Dance is also going to have to change their schedules, and should get an update from Crissy or Rochelle. Just remember everyone, we have already done the impossible in getting this far this fast. I know no one wants to deal with switched schedules especially with school starting but to ease the pain I'll include some pics of the new gym I took today;
Doors installed, small dance room painted:

Gymnastics area partially assembled:

That's the view from the mezzanine

Saturday, August 23, 2008

In the homestretch!

Sorry everyone it has been quite a while since I updated everyone. I'm also sorry that I haven't got any pics to post today. Well here's the latest and greatest. The gym has been painted; doors have been hung; flooring in the bathrooms, break room, and janitors closet; windows in the lower waiting room, and it all looks great!
We have managed to get to this point in just over a month of construction. To say this is crazy or impressive would be a massive understatement. If it had not been for all the help we've received from the city and contractors we would still be playing phone tag with the city with no build out, no dance studio, a big wall in the middle of all of it.
Next week the bathrooms will be finished up, the carpet installed, the dance floors installed, and if all goes according to plan the final inspection will happen by Wednesday. A few more days and we'll all be dancing and tumbling and our silly little heads off.
Keep yours eyes out for help requests that i'll send out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

goodbye courtney

Well today we said goodbye to a great coach. She will be missed a great deal by parents, students, and Juli and I. Courtney was reliable, respectful and had a great attitude. We wish her nothing but the best at Sonoma State and hope she comes back to visit us.

Bye bye Courtney

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ready for paint and a logo

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Walls textured, taped, and ready to paint.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Please guys no visitors at the gym.

Sorry everybody the gym is not open to visitors right now it's extremely important that we observe this. The gym is super dangerous to be in, and yours and your child's safety our at risk. I'll take some pics to update everybody. Thank you guys

Saying goodbye to Courtney tomorrow at 11:30

We"ll be saying farewell to one of our favorite staff members so come on out to the acro gym off of preston tomorrow to wish her good luck, and relay her any last minute college advice.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Video Bar

I recently updated the video bar on the side of the blog to only show gymfinity tv videos, so if you haven't seen the videos on you tube you can check them out right here.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ha ha, suck it China!

And congratulations to Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson on their gold and silver medals in the all around finals. It is great to see the fruits of two lifetimes of hard work and dedication. Nastia finally showed us her full potential last night and it was amazing. At almost every event the last year she has bombed on one event or another and just missed beating shawn. Well last night she was running on all cylinders and by the end of the day had a 6 tenths lead on the rest of the pack. Today was a great day for the USA and USA gymnastics so enjoy it and lets continue to support our team for the individual event finals. And then London...........

Keep checking gymfinity tv

Gymfinity tv has several new videos up on youtube, check'em out!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now it feels real

I've got some really exciting pics of the gym construction. It is wild walking in and not being able to see through everything. It certainly makes the front entryway seem a bit tighter but oddly enough it's not in a bad way. The second story storage area actually looks rather striking shooting twenty feet in the air with the dance floor on the other side. Tomorrow starts the tape, texture, sanding of the drywall. Expect to see paint get thrown on real quick. Check out these pics.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crazy Olympics

Phelps sets records every time he entered the water, the men's gymnastics team gets the bronze, girls gymnasts get the silver.
Just reading that it sounds like we did great so far, but I fear that all anyone in the gymnastics community will remember was Alicia Sacramone's performance this evening. This really stinks since Alicia is easily my favorite gymnast on the team. And even though the Chinese would have more than likely won the gold simply based on a superior performance, the loss of the gold will rest on Alicia's shoulders alone in the eyes of the general public. This is the USA after all and it seems at times that the only thing we like more than a winner is a someone to blame.
I certainly hope that we all can take a look at how great all of the American competitors have done and lend them our support during the rest of the Olympics, and maybe send out your thoughts or prayers to the Alicia and the rest of the girls who still get to perform later this week in individual events.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who knew building a gym was so exciting.

So you wanna know what I got to see for the last 10 hours......That's me with the scissor lift raised a little more than 20 feet in the air with me balancing on top of the handrails, staring down at a cement floor. Why would I spend all day doing this you ask.
Can you see the black video wire that ran all over the gym, it's right there zip tied to the conduit. Come on there's over 300 ft of it...... of course you can't see it, I spent all day doing everything I could to make sure you never do. But now it's done and all we have to do is plug the cameras in.

Sorry, lots of new posts!

Just wanted to let y'all know Juli posted a new video to youtube so go check it out now. OK so check it out. No go do it now, stop procrastinating.

Goodbye Corina

I wanted to wish Corina and her family all the best today. She has decided to move on to bigger and better things and we will miss her and her parents, who were always a big help at both the meets and at the gym.

When I heard that she was going to be leaving I had something of an epiphany. Just the wording that I used when I thought about it, "she would be leaving." There are a couple of ways that people that leave the gym, each one brings about its' own set of reactions.
Something I wasn't expecting when my wife tricked me into buying the gym, that I would develop the kinds of relationships that we have with the students and their families. You end up spending hours every week with these people in a positive environment and you can't help but to end up as some kind of crazy dysfunctional family.

Inevitably though people leave, for one reason or another all of our students leave us eventually. And it seems to be in one of two ways. The circumstances are always different but it seems to come down to two things; they either quit, or they leave.

There are times when a student or a client is not satisfied with what Juli and I offer at Gymfinity, and that's fine. We don't cater to everyone, we offer a place that fits us and our beliefs and if you don't hold those same beliefs to certain extent eventually you or your child will quit. These tend to be cold, sometimes very unpleasant events. But we understand and if a person isn't happy we'd rather they go where they're happy. The other situation is where a student leaves. These are simply the opposite, where a student and their family say goodbye. These are actually harder in a way because these people you wish wouldn't leave.

Regardless we are glad to have everyone that we still have and look forward to a future with you and we will just have to learn to deal with it when it comes time for you to leave.

Thanks to everyone

Thanks to everyone who came out to the parents meeting last week. We will have info on the silhouettes next week, and I'll send it out in an email. We like the attitudes of everyone who attended, juli and I were very pleased. I hope to be able to personally be more active this year and look forward to working with everyone.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Parents meeting

We look forward to seeing everybody at the gymnastics parents meeting tomorrow. Lets keep this one parents only as the gym right now is not a gym, it's a construction site. We just don't want little ones running around when the place is not set up only to get hurt. Thanks everybody, see you there.

So you think you can dance????

No this isn't a promo spot for the dance competition on fox, but a shout out to the girls of Gymfinity's dance program The Dance Studio. We look forward to welcoming these new students and their parents into the Gymfinity family. We're getting the new dance floors put together, the mirrors have been ordered and weve got a geek squad member help us track down the best stereo equipment for our two dance floors. Good luck at tryouts this week everyone and welcome.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Whoa the poll closed!

I didn't even notice that we'd passed the deadline for the poll on the new Gymfinity slogan.
And the winner is.................................


Where the possibilities are infinite!

Thanks to all that voted and to those of you who didn't, well no complaining you had your chance.

Oh, I also found it interesting that the saying that I put up as a joke ended up in second. I don't think putting out fliers that read "Bring your kids here and pay us tuition!" would bring in the customers.

Because gym memberships are expensive.

That's right an intelligent few of us have taken advantage of all of the times I've offered to let everyone help move equipment. Now those people can avoid the expense of costly gym memberships, and they get to help the new gym get finished faster, wow aren't they lucky.

Seriously though, we did have to move a ton of the equipment again and I would like to thank my brother, Glenn, Doug, Dave, Sean, John, and everyone else who has shown up to help over the past few weeks. Sorry if you weren't mentioned but I write these things at 1am.

Regardless here is a quick pic of the fruits of our labor.
I know it's awe inspiring, isn't it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Looking "cool"

the sweet cooling set up by the worlds greatest heating and air company Signal. The things I'm most pleased with would have to be the big heating system that went up today, as well as the A/C over the mezzanine. The heater is the big unit that we all sat and stared at this last winter, it now resides over 20ft in the air ready to blow warm goodness all over the gym. The A/C over the mezzanine is a trick setup with ducting that runs over the top of it and will, at our command, dump cool air over the sweating masses. I can feel the year round 73 degree temps already.

Oh and let's not forget the 10 wall mounted fans that will be mounted next week. No more of Jerod having to lug around a 100lbs fan from event to event.

Other gyms will tremble before our mighty climate control system! Bwa Ha Ha Ha

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Construction worker lingo

I've been learning some pretty cool stuff while this project has been going on. Not the least of which is the interesting phrases that come with working with construction folk. Here are some of my favorites.

Completely Sano: Very clean; sanitary

Totally dialed in: Perfectly set up; correctly done

Freakin' Trick: interesting; ingenuitive; above average; top of the line

Did you come here to eat your lunch?: please continue to work

On the money: correct; on time; as it should be

So when discussing with your job Foreman, his opinion of a certain project it may go some thing like this:

Jerod-"Well Rick how are things going with the framing?"
Rick-"Were on the money with the framer, he's got the the stairs totally dialed in, and the mezzanine is gonna be freakin trick."
Jerod-"Gee whiz, that sounds swell, but why are they playing soccer in the back of the facility!"
Rick-"Hey, did you guys come here to eat your lunch! We've gotta get this place completely sano before the HVAC crew rolls in."

Gym layout

Well we went into the gym and layed out all the beams and bars, built the bar pit, and set up the floor, all in about an hour. The only problem was it was all imaginary, and the only thing that went down on the floor today was spray paint.
You see Juli, Glenn, and I came in to measure, mark, and strategize the layout a bit to see if the layout I had posted earlier in the blog would actually work. The good news is that it actually seems to work, the bad news is that were now twice as anxious to get the equipment set up.
No worries though, with the work crew we've got in there things are gonna be finished in no time.
If everyone can keep an eye out for upcoming volunteering opportunities, we're gonna need a hand moving some more of the equipment and possibly doing a little painting. We'll send an email out when the time comes.

The second story is now old news

Check out the latest project pics, and prepare for your mind to be blown.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jessalyn is home

Juli and the baby came home last night and are doing great. Sleep has been somewhat sporadic lately, but other than that it's great. We are probably going to be bringing the baby to practice this week to show her off. We'll update everyone on here and via email when we know what's up with the practice schedule later today.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The new Gymfinity Baby

I would like to introduce everyone to our newest edition.

Jessalyn Nicole Pimentel, 8.1 lbs, 19in, and after three hours of labor she was born at 9:55pm on July 25. We want to thank everyone who has helped us get to where we are today and hope you all know that just by being in our lives you have all made an impact.

Onward and upward

Quick pick of the first set of stairs going up. Make sure no one pops into the gym right now because the work that is going on is pretty dangerous to be around.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh and one more thing.

Everyone please keep an eye out for emails from us as we will be needing helpers at the gym. Unfortunately it will often be last minute because we are at the mercy of the construction schedule. A big thanks to everyone who has come out to help over the last couple of months, including John and Doug who came out tonight.

New Gymfinity TV youtube videos

We just wanted to give you guys a heads up that juli would be posting some new videos on youtube tonight and tomorrow. And even though part of the registration contract and waiver allows use of the kids images, we wanted to make sure that everyone was OK with us putting the videos up with your kids in them. We will not use any ones full names, generally just their nicknames. Regardless if you would rather not have your kids be mega-famous gymnastics rock stars, please let us know.
Also if you guys use the subscribe link on the side of the page you can get updated when I update this site. I'd like this to be a place where you guys check back on a regular basis for gym updates. Even after the construction is done. Forward the site to anyone you think might be interested to see it also.

Gymnastics construction in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Don't leave it up to Jerod.

Step 2: Ask the owner of Signal Heating and Air to help.

Step 3: Stand Back.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wall?, What Wall?

Notice anything missing?

All wraped up like an early Christmas present.

Have a look at what me and my brother did to get ready for the wall to come down.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The sewer is done man!

In a single day a crew came in cut out trenches in the cement floor, plumbed all the sewer lines for all the bathrooms, kitchen, drinking fountains, etc. It's crazy. By tommorrow it'll all be filled in and we'll be ready to rip out the wall and frame the offices. I believe a yeah!! would certainly be appropriate. I'll post pics later. Here's the Pics!! This is the sewer layout.

Here's after the trenches are cut and the plumbing, well plumbed.

Trenches filled and signed off by the inspector. The crazy thing is, this all happened in less than 48hrs!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Now on you tube

Be sure to check out Gymfinity Gymnastics web series on . Gymfinity TV is going to be an ongoing series that is put together by Julianne. Her channel is gymfinitycoach be sure to check it out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Layout Pics!!!

ok here is the basic idea of what we've got planned for the space. Can you guess which piece of equipment each shape represents? Or what the second smaller layout represents?

Now how do we get to this from this:

Things are looking good

OK, picture this; you've had to move your business twice in the last year, your paying rent on an 11000 sq/ft building that you don't actually get to use, paying rent to your local competitor, paying salary for team coaches that are coaching a team a third the size it was a year ago, oh and your wife is in and out of the hospital due to complications with the pregnancy of your fourth child.
Yeah, I know it sounds like loads of fun and you probably would love to trade places with me if you could, but sorry this is my life and you only get to watch.
Luckily we have had some amazing support over the past couple of years, support that has been so instrumental in fact, that if you had removed even one of those people from our lives we wouldn't be here today.
So that all being said,, today is a new day and today was pretty good. We've got contractors coming in to start construction of the new gym and by the sounds of it they are going to try to bang it out quick. If all goes well by the time we go before the city planning commission next month the gym will be ready to go and ready for business.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ahh! my back hurts.

Thanks for everyone who came to the gym tonight to help move equipment. For those of you who missed out 6 of us got together and picked up every piece of equipment in the gym, disassembled it, and shoved it against the wall. This was so the contractors, led by Mr. Biggs, could enter the gym tommorrow and begin demolition work on the wall. Once the wall is removed we get to move all the equipment again so that construction of the front of the gym can begin. THEN we get to move it AGAIN, hopefully to its final resting place, bolt it down and never do it again.....

That is until the first meet in september. HAHAHA

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Progress at last!

The Gym has been closed to the public since may 16. We have been talking with the city for the last two months and recently got some answers from them. After initially being given an estimate of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, a city engineer gave us word that the three biggest of the fees would be waived after going over our appeals. This is great news and means that we can move onto the next steps of clearing the plans with the building department and with planning division. It never seems to end but we'll get there.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Blog

This will be the first posting to my blog. I will use this to chronicle some of the things that I have been going through in the process of owning a gymnastics instruction company i.e. Gymfinity Gymnastics. Our website is no longer current but eventually you may visit our website at . This will let you take a look at the face of the company and what we offer. This blog however will be a more in depth behind the scenes documentation of the Gymfinity that I know.
To all those that read, thank you for your time.