Monday, October 26, 2009

Flip into Fall Festival

I just wanted to let everyone know about Gymfinity's fall festival and
carnival. It will be held this Saturday from 12:00- 2:00pm and will a
totally free event to enter. We'll have games and activities for
everyone so bring your friends and family out to see the gym and have
a good time. There will be flyers availabe at the front desk so if
you'd like you can take as many as you want to pass out and help us
make this a great event.

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh, and one more thing

Just wanted to post a link to Gymfinity's new squidoo page. It's sort of a cool one page website for the gym thats great for someone to get a quick look at what the gym is all about and get the latest news on Gymfinity livermore. GYMFINITY SQUIDOO PAGE

Squidoo is a fun tool for someone who wants to build a quick informative site on anything, I personally have done some on several topics and recommend it for anyone looking to create a little exposure for something.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few Gymfinity Updates

Fall is here and we have a couple things I wanted to make sure I got on the blog tonight so here we go. First off a huge congrats to Kelly Hebert for qualifying for the National Tops Team. This is a huge accomplishment and I know we're all very proud of her and that Livermore and the whole TriValley will be watching how her gymnastics career progresses over these next few years. Also a big congratulations to the Gymfinity coaches who helped all the girls who participated in this years TOPs program, a lot of hard work goes into it, well done!

TOPS Team List Here

Another update is for the upcoming kids night out on Oct. 24th from 7pm-11pm , that's right we've added an extra hour of fun time to give the grown ups a little more time to do their own pre-Halloween fun stuff. These are always great fun for the kids, and we provide all the food snacks and drinks for them. Just drop them off and go have some fun. This time we'll be showing kid friendly halloween movies, have a Gymfinity Haunted House, and do lots of fun fall themed games. Sign up at the front desk to reserve your child's spot.

You should check the Gymfinity calendar for dates and times of upcoming events.

A cool new addition to the list of cool stuff we do at Gymfinity, is the Gymfinity Zazzle Store. Zazzle is an online clothing design and marketplace where you can design your own products and then display them in your own "store", well we've added several products to it and your welcome to order any time. Many of the products you see can be customized by you, in size, style, or color. So check it out and if you have any suggestions or requests let me know and I can probably put it together for you. P.S. Coach Jessica, and Gymfinity Alumni Alexa Leporati are helping put together many of the designs.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Livermore Gymnastics Team Members in Texas

Isla Andrews of Pleasanton and Kelly Hebert of Dublin, are settled in Houston,Texas for the weekend. They will be participating in the National TOPS test program. They earned this opportunity by ranking near the top of nations strongest and most skilled gymnasts in the regional TOPS tests. Good luck girls, and go Gymfinity

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gymfinity's Gymnasts take their talents to the national stage!

Over the past few months some Gymnastics stars from Livermore, Tracy, Dublin, and Pleasanton have been participating in the National TOPS testing program. This program, set up by USAG to find the next superstars, test the girls strength, flexibility, and skill proficiency. The Gymfinity Gymnastics competitors participating in the tests this year were: Sierra Norvell, one of our newer gymnasts from Tracy; Katie Mathers, one or our up and comers from Livermore; Emily Rakestraw, a pint sized power house also from livermore; Isla Andrews, one of Gymfinity's veteran hot shots from Pleasanton; and sisters Meagan and Kelley Hebert from Dublin.
All the girls did great, and showed all lot of gymnasts in the West just how it's supposed to be done, in tests held throughout California, as well as Las Vegas, and Utah.
We are now very excited to announce that Isla Andrews, and Kelley Hebert have qualified to fly out to the national training center in Texas to participate in THE National TOPS test, for a chance to be named a member of the United States National TOP Team training camp.

Congratulations to all our girls, and good luck!

Tri-Valley, get ready to get fit at Gymfinity Gymnastics & Dance

We are proud to welcome a great new addition to the Gymfinity Family, Sarai Jones will be using our space to host her fitness boot camps. She has been running her camps out of Elk Grove and Livermore for the last year with great success, and we are looking forward to having her program be an addition to the already stellar lineup of programs we offer. You can check out her site at .

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks to everyone for all the support

Jerod here checking back in. It has been quite a while since my last blog post, and several weeks since i've been in the gym, so I wanted to let everyone know that I'm do still exist, and that I'm doing much better.
I also wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers as I've been going through my health issues. The doctors seem pleased with my progress and the last of my test results should come in this week. If all that comes back clear then it should just be a simple matter of taking a couple pills a day, and taking it easy for a few months to let everything heal up.
I'll be coming into the gym again to help out and do some light work, and will be working on the gym website and online presence a bit more as well. Part of this will include more gym updates as well as doing some gymnast bio's and highlights of things the girls are doing in the gym.
I hope everyone is having a great summer, and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks Tri Valley and Central Valley for a great Grand ReOpening

Well I just wanted to thank everyone who attended our Grand Reopening last weekend. We had families from Tracy, San Ramon, Livermore, Dublin, Mt. House, Vernalis, Pleasanton, all come to Join the fun at Gymfinity. Thanks to all the parents who helped as well as the girls who did their demo's and coach Nicole's cheer group. It went great and everyone had tons of fun.
If you missed out don't worry, Gymfinity is open and ready for your familiy and friends with classes in Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, and Tumbling.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gymfinity Gymnastics Grand ReOpening in Livermore May 9th

Gymfinity is proud to be open in our beautiful new facility and would like to welcome you and all of your friends to a for a fun and a chance for great deals. This saturday May 9th, from 1-5pm we are opening up the gym to the public for gym play, games, and giveaways. The first 100 kids recieve a free t-shirt, and grand prize of the raffle is a Wii Fit game system. Bring anyone who has ever been interested in gymnastics, dance, tumbling, or cheer, for the chance to sign up at amazing rates and get a chance to win some great prizes.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gymfinity Gymnastics, Livermore, the Swine Flu, and You

Gymfinity would like to help inform our clientele on a little info about the swine flu outbreak, and what we are doing about it. First off for those who are interested we recommend looking at, , for all the latest information on the swine flu. At Gymfinity we have all of our mats and equipment disinfected and washed on a regular basis. A cleaning crew comes in nightly to vacuum floors and wash all surfaces, including bathroom fixtures and handrails. The staff is also instructed to wash their hands in between classes.

If you suspect your child to be experiencing flu like symptoms please keep them home and contact your medical professional immediately.

Gymfinity Gymnastics where health and fun are number 1!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gymfinity website updates

We've added a couple of new features on the gymfinity website. First is a calendar on the site, over the course of the week we'll be updating it to include the schedule for the entire year. This will include gym closures, meet dates, kid's night out, and any other gym events. Second is the blog feed on the blog page, you can check the latest postings on their anytime.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gymfinity livermore's premier sports and recreation facility could use your help

For those of you who are so inclined, we are working on increasing our web presence and one thing our clientele could do to help would be to do a google search and look up either gymnastics livermore or dance livermore. You would then see our listing next to the map picture at the top. If you click on the "more" link under our name you will find our company info and write a review link. Those of you who have positive things to say about us please tell the world how you feel.

This is the first of several pages that I will post where you can write a review for us. These reviews help us tremendously, providing us with a presence on the web that you cannot buy.

Thank You to all our awesome clients and students,


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gymfinity Gymnastics and Dance website surprise

There a few hidden links on the new website, a few easter eggs so to speak. Find them for special treat.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The website is up....finally

Well we did it, and it only took like, a year! Bunch of stuff wrong and things that needs to be added but who cares we've got a website. Oh Yeah Baby!!

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Friday, April 3, 2009

Livermore's Gymfinity featured online

We've been blessed again here at Gymfinity. I like everyone to take a look at and if you look in their profiles section you'll find a great article on Gymfinity and some of our crew.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Gymfinity website coming

The gym website should hopefully be up and running soon. The program we're using will allow us to make changes pretty quickly so if you can help me out with feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Kids night out

Kids night out rocked on friday. Thanks to all who attended and to Jimmy, Nicole and Steffi, for putting on a great event. Check in often to find out when the next KNO is happening.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chelsea on youtube!

Chelsea is so famous that now she's even on youtube! Go Gymfinity, Go Chelsea!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gymfinity Student featured in Tri Valley Herald

Wow! The herald did an amazing write up on our very own Chelsea Werner. Everyone pick up the Sunday paper and read about an amazing young lady that we are pround to have as a member of our gym. If you dont get the paper the website is .

"Gymfinity Gymnastics, where fitness and fun are number 1!"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lots of new update for the Gymfinity.

A few things I thought everone should know about. First off if you'd like to be included on the mailing list for these blog update just email me with the subject line "Email me the blog". Otherwise i believe you can subscribe to it using the RSS feed button I believe.

Summer Camps: Gymfinity will be offering summer camps this year. There will be Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading and tumbling camps offered. The schedule should be out next week.

Kids Night Out: On March 20th from 7-10pm you get the night off. Drop the kids off and they'll get to hangout, play games, obstacle courses, watch a movie, and eat some pizza. Just $25 per kid and make sure the're dressed for play.

Month of the Young Child: Some of you know that in April, schools will be participating in the Week of the Young Child, celebrating the youth of our community with special events and activities. Well Gymfinity has decided to make April the Month of the Young Child at our facility. In honor of children & their teachers, we invite you to join us for a FREE fieldtrip. Children will enjoy an hour of fun in our state of the art facility while learning the importance of getting fit. Call us at 925-960-9440 to schedule your FREE fieldtrip for your class or daycare center today! Parents can either have us call your school or you can inform your teacher of our offer.

Cheer Camps: We are fired up! Gymfinity is set to offer our first cheer camps and they're just in time for tryouts. Whether your an experienced Cheerleader who's looking to polish your skills, or a beginner that needs to learn the basics so that you don't walk into tryouts unprepared, you will want to be at this camp. We will host two camps this April, the first will be April 14th-17th from 10am-1pm. The second camp will be an evening camp that'll take place from 7-9pm over five days. The dates for that camp are TBA.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adult Fitness begins

We are very excited to finally have our adult fitness classes up and running. These classes are for all skill levels and will take advantage of all the fun and interesting equipment that Gymfinity has to offer. Coach Jimmy is currently running classes Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:30; Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm; and Saturday morning at 9:30am. If you're a parent of a current student of the gym the class fee is only $20 a month and you may attend as many classes as you like. This has been a long time coming, Juli and I will be taking class right alongside you so we hope to see you there!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations are in order for the students of Gymfinity

Well it's been awhile since we've updated but the even though I've been lax on posting updates the girls at Gymfinity have been hard at work. I've missed so much now that I just throw out some of the highlights.
The Gymfinity dance team finally got to show their stuff at the Rainbow Connection dance competition and besides bringing home some amazing photos of the girls they also came back with a truck load of trophies and gold scores, great job girls!
The Gymfinity Girls Gymnastics team's season is in full swing now and have garnered numerous awards with the girls medaling every meet and taking home some team trophies as well, including a first place prep optional team trophy and third place overall for the level sevens at the same meet. Oh and lets not forget taking the first place team trophy at our home meet.

Good job everyone were very proud of all of you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Camp Woodward

The time has come to sign for camp woodward west if you would like to save some cash. If we can get everyone to sign up you receive thirty dollars off for a group discount. Also if you pay before the 28th you get $50 for the early bird discount. All info is on the Woodward West website.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New year, new start

A new year has begun, a new session has begun, a new chapter in the Gymfinity story is here. I a happy to report that we have seen some interesting trends in our business. For starters we have seen a steady increase in enrollment since our opening to the public in october. In fact we have been signing up more students on a daily basis than ever before. Not only that but the students are signing up for more hours of instruction than everbefore.
This I believe can be attributed to several things. For one we are in a great new location right off of 580 on a major thoroughfare. The second would be our amazing new facilty, filled with top of the line equipment, wall to wall carpet bonded foam flooring, sprung dance floors, and the great mezzanine viewing area. Also we have aquired a great staff that give their best to their students and have proven to one of the things we are most proud of.
But while we have expanded our programs, built the best facility in our area, and filled it with the best staff, we still have a long way to go. There are still plenty of open spots in classes to be filled, so if you know of anyone inerested in any of the programs we offer, send'em our way, and let them share in joy and fun that is had at Gymfinity.